Genesis of Marafiki wa Vitabu

This is an idea which came to me on 4th June 2009 while washing my clothes around 19 hours. I received text message at 16:29 Hi, have you heard of the book ‘thnk like women n act like a man”? I asked Joram Massessa whether he has heard about the book and said NO. His reply was: What? How and where can I get the book? I will like to give it as gift to friend on mine. Hahahaha interesting. This made me to think more of reading books and how I can get some ways of committing myself to reading. Then from nowhere came an idea to ask Joram that we agree and commit ourselves in reading TWO books a month.

After asking Joram, I kept on pondering on ways of going ahead with the idea. Then I find myself sending SMS to more people and amazed with their responses

To be honest I don’t have so many ideas on how this will be organized. One thing which I know is I love reading and in this context I love reading books, like all you guys who have agreed to join. The SMS sent to some of you read: Halo.Am trying to find FRIENDS OF BOOKS who will agree and commit that we HAVE  to read at least TWO BOOKS a month. You choose any title you want to read. Would you like to join? There are two key words here FRIENDS and BOOKS. So my proposal this idea can be called MARAFIKI WA VITABU-FRIENDS OF BOOKS. Few of you know each other, but all of you know Adam Jackson Foya whom you may call a friend. But it’s my wish that books will make all of us friends.

I can’t claim to have Vision, Mission and Objective for this idea. My wish is to motivate and get people committed toward reading books.

Among the first questions were what after reading and how?

How– at first it can be through group email where were keep all email address on those who committed. Alternative is Yahoo or Google group of which members will need to join or a blog. In all cases I volunteer to manage, but assistance from anyone is highly welcomed and appreciated.

What– as everyone will be choosing her/his own title, there will be some books which one member has read it but other(s) has not. So to my opinion, each friend should do at least a brief book review and share with the rest. And this can be as simple as you can, but also as detailed as you can. Simplicity can be one paragraph saying name of book and author(s), category, main theme and what is your opinion of the book. For those who likes to give much details it will also be better.  Book review will be usefully in number of ways, some to mention:

  • It gives reader a chance to think more about the book (its like before writing the review you ask yourself, what have I learn from the book?)
  • People will know more books.
  • Increased knowledge from the information on book review (there is no small and big information. Information is Information; a single sentence can change your life!).
  • Book reviews can be shared and published in magazines, newspapers, blogs, website etc.
  • I hope it will make reading a community activity and group more alive. For LUCKY Magazine will be read to take our book review.
  • Awaken our latent talents.

Main Expectation:

  • Fun
  • Knowledge
  • Commitment
  • Sharing
  • Honest

Fun; Reading should be as serious as possible but as fun as possible. Some will agree with me that one problem of our education system, is that reading is taken as only serious activity while forgetting its beauty and fun side. So enjoying your reading as there will no be exam for you to fail.

Knowledge; It is said knowledge is what remains in your mind after learning or reading something. Knowledge acquired should be applied and shared, as this will be reading more usefully and beneficial. I consider books as one of the greatest source of knowledge. (I have been asking myself, what if Bible was never written??)

Commitment; In life self discipline is one of importance recipe for success. You can start by committing your self, one hour daily for reading. Or just some few pages daily. Make promises and keep them!

Sharing; What you consider unimportant information could be life saving to another. Don’t ignore please share.

Honest; Be honest to your self, if you have nit been able to read a single book, share with us and if you have read more than two books let us know!

For the month of June, the target can be one book, but for those who will be able to read two books, it will be great! The question can be what kind of books I am referring too. It can be any, but for the sake of personal development we can put aside those books for school or college course, where you MUST read the book. Here I mean books which you HAVE to read aiming at acquiring knowledge.

Friends of Books- Two Books a Month

Marafiki wa Vitabu- Vitabu viwili kwa Mwezi.

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  1. Greetings,
    I am glad to hear from you, your comment on important of reading are true and working. I promise to be among the member of Marafiki wa Vitabu and to share whatever books i will read. I will start with one book in a month first.

    • Dafroza
      You are warmly welcomed to join our group and promote reading habit in our community.
      Looking forward to hear from you.
      Rafiki wa Vitabu

  2. Hello, this is a great work, hongera sana! I would like to talk to privately, I have ideas.

  3. Thank you for this wonderfull idea. please count on me.

  4. thats wonderfull idea. thanks

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