Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer John.

Who Moved My Cheese Spencer John

Who Moved My Cheese? is the story of four characters living in a “Maze” who face unexpected change when they discover their “Cheese” has disappeared. Sniff and Scurry, who are mice, and Hem and Haw, little people the size of mice, each adapt to change in their “Maze” differently. In fact, one doesn’t adapt at all.

What I could gather from this short book is on CHANGE. The two mice Sniff and Scurry were ready for changes. When they find that Cheese is finished, they did not sit and wait for another one. Instead they were able to put on their shoes and embark on journey to look for another territory of Cheese. While their fellow little people Hem and Haw, were not ready to go and start looking for another Cheese after the first one finished. What I learned from this book is willingness to change and knowing that, success and opportunities are sometimes not where we want them to be. One of challenging moment in life is to know when is the time to change and take another step in life. To survive in this ever changing world, one needs to have capacity to analyze situation and know when it’s the right time to take a sometimes difficult position. One of the quote from the book is “Noticing Small Changes Early Helps You Adapt to Bigger Changes That Are To Come”

I will recommend this book to anyone who hasn’t read it, and its very short, 39 pages only.  Similar to this, there is another book: Who Moved My Ladder: The Working Woman’s Guide to Success by Fiona Coyne.

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