Nyerere on Education

Living, Leaving and Working Cannot be SeparetedNyerere.Photo

The excerpt  from Ten Years After Independence, presented by Mwalimu Nyerere at TANU National Conference, Septmber, 1971.

“..a workers is [not] to become simply as appendage to a machine- endlessly tightening nuts or endlessly copy typing. And for a Tanzanian to be regarded in this way is simply as a ‘unit of production’ would be quite contrary to everything we are trying to do. It would be to treat people as an instrument of development instead of as masters of development”.

“must not blind us to the horrible fact that almost the same proportion of our children now as in 1962 fail to find a place in primary school … it would be criminal if we allowed our failure to be enveloped in education. Those children without school places must remain as real challenge to us for the future”

“ In a country dedicated to change we must accept that education and working are both parts of living and should continue from birth until we die. Then we may begin to deserve the praise that was given to Tanzania by man who said that our policy is ‘revolution by education’. At the moment, and despite our undoubted achievements, such praise refers more to what we say than what we do”

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