The Days of Mwalimu by Kenneth Kolowa

Kenneth Kolowa is my school mate whom I never knew if he such a talented poet. Ken thanks for sharing with us.

On the periphery of a quill my hand seeks forbearance

And my mind acquiesces the need so to do

So I grant myself consent to recollect

A lot about a man with a great intellect

Mwalimu Nyerere of course

It has been years now and I still commit to memory

The days of dimness and how they gradually petered out

But when delicate mouth of wealth stranded on its pivots

For not a soul said money talks and bought impartiality

Take me way back

To when ignorance was to Mwalimu a nation’s rival

And fighting it was the order of the day

So my paterfamilias too went to school at no cost

To when recognition of a man’s tribe was of no significance

Than the color of his eyes and his nationality

To Mwalimu Nyerere of course

To when no leader lied to hide a lie

And still asked me for my vote

To the great fortitude of integrity boundaries

Corruption too was rather sleazy

When justice decided to go busy

Take me way back I beg you

To the days of Mwalimu

To the days of honesty put in use

Kenneth Kolowa

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