Africa Unchained-The Blueprint for Africa’s Future by George B.N. Ayittey.

I am so greatfully and thankfully to Mama Demere Kitunga for borrowing me AFRICA UNCHAINED:THE BLUEPRINT FOR AFRICA’S FUTURE by George B.N. Ayittey who is also a Ghanian Economist and President of Free Africa Foundation. The book is very challenging and thought provoking. To some is very controvesial because Ayittey is criticing allot of convetional thinking and taking a different position from what many (possibly of us think). For example he criticise people like Nyerere, Nkurumah, Kenyatta and Kaunda for failing to look at the traditional settings when they embarked in post independence National Development Projects.


Prof.Ayittey conclude that: “Africa is poor because she is not free” and classifies Africa generation between the ‘Cheetahs’ and ‘Hippso’. Cheetahs being the young generation which has decided not to play blame game of saying Africa is poor because of slave trade, colonialism or neo-colonialism. But have decided to find solution to African problems. The Hippos are the ruling ‘vampire’ elite rulling class who are corrupt and sucking the wealth of their people for personal benefit.  For some clarification you can watch and download Prof.Ayittey  Video from TED while speaking on Cheetahs vs Hippo.

What I agree with Ayittey is that, future of Africa lies in the heart, mind and hand of young generation which is ready to focus more on finding African solution for Africa problems. However, his classification between Cheetah vs Hippo is still unclear to me.

This is the book I am reading now and I expect to write full book review after finishing reading it. Next week I hope to meet James Shikwati, Director of Inter Regional Economic Network (IREN) who is among the ‘Cheetah’ commended by Prof Ayittey in his book. IREN is organizing Africa Resource Bank Meeting from 11th to 14th November 2009 at Kibo Palace, Arusha Tanzania.

Take time to watch his Video and read the book, as I beleive, there are alot to learn on how Africa, can become Self-Reliant.

You can read some comments from Baha and Chambi from Marafiki wa Vitabu Group. Also you can read its review in The African Executuve by Emeka Okafor

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