Mwalimu Nyerere: Rememberance of Rafiki wa Vitabu

As we count 11 years since Mwalimu Nyerere celebrating his life, in many hat which Mwalimu can wear is being author, poet, translator and a person who loved book and reading. To him education is tool of emancipation/liberation which can be acquired by anyone who want it.


As we honour his life, let be engaged in seeking the true knowledge which will be used to realize our potentials.


Dear Mwalimu and Rafiki wa Vitabu, from your written and spoken words we still remember you and find knowledge and wisdom out of them.

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  1. Mwalimu Nyerere played his part to give all Tanzanians the opportunity as to what education can play its roll in ones life by providing the free education irespective of the walk of life one was.

    Now it is time that parents who benefited out of the free education play thier roll in atleast making sure thier children get education.This can not only be done by paying the cost of education but to get involved in the process of educating the children by following up and participating in childrens activities. One can start with thier own children at home and if resource allows can go further with the naighbor’s children and so on. ALL CHILDREN IN TANZANIA ARE OUR CHILDREN.

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