If You Think – A Poem from a friend

This poem was generously shared by friend Fanaka

If you think

If you think, and think deeply

Then you will see, the play of any

So life itself confuse

As she comes visit and greet, basically patrol

These are the thoughts, the day that a man can focus

And my lines still are

Like an art on the wall someone could be interested

Then if you think

You may ask yourself

What is the point for all these?

All these worries, ideas and adventures we tend to accomplish

When you think of just a shrub

Or a bush and there you spend your days

Happily just like the centipede

Or in water like a nile perch

If you think of what is in others minds

The memories of junctions and skirts on their waste

Men and women whose evening set them alone

Like a dying donkey still with a luggage to the boss

So i have to write and suffer

Like a religious man applying for a divorce

Wives have become thorns

The last line are taken to the front lines

Many have admit this mind capacity can think

 And the announcements are just to the ears that does not listen

Call it wisdom, call it insanity, in this age everybody can think

And if you can think and fear your thoughts

While there are great things, the beam of light in a dark tunnel

So these are my thoughts, the avoidance of a whispering a dangerous hearing

Well to you my friend

That in a letter written by a pen its ages you can read

All is well to even all the streets

Where tiny beings stay and primitive streams pass

As they go down the valley

And you think they have forgot all their miseries

A man torment a fellow man

And the world become a shelf of sad and sweet memories

Like those days when we were all kids

The days we couldn’t think all these shall be us then

The ordinary men, that’s we

And if you think, this life is just.

One place of its kind, the valleys that eggless and owls leaves their feathers

Fertilizing the earth and pile grasses

Like an astonishing collection or art

I think that’s what the world is

The rivers and flowers of the wild

The physic us and the emptiness we can never touch

The good and the evil of men

That you think exist but never exist

Like a plan to build a railway line across the sea..



By Mickfanaka Steven Mwihomeke  20th January 10:32 morning

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